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Preaching to the Choir

April 7, 2011

Last night I was at a community forum with other concerned parents to learn about the state of alcohol and substance abuse in our local high school.  The police chief made the remark, “You are involved already by being here. I’m preaching to the choir.”

It reminded me of many years ago when I was attending a hands-on science workshop with science educators and the renowned professor of chemistry, Bassam Shakhashiri, made the same remark.  He was urging the participants to make science fun for their students and he said, “I’m preaching to you, the choir, because I want you to sing!”

How true! It’s hard to bring about change if you begin with the laggards.  You must first get the “early adopters” to engage.  Their “singing” will resonate to others who will likely join the chorus, or at least, hum a few notes.

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