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3 Lessons We Can Learn from Dogs

February 25, 2010

Humans can be so arrogant.  Don’t you think it’s worthwhile to stop and think about what we can learn from “man’s best friend?” Here’s what I’m talking about.

Meeting people – humans look each other up and down, judging the hair, clothes, accessories, and general grooming.   Real jerks get a first pass as long as they have every hair in place, straight white teeth, nice figure, and their clothes in top condition and style.  For dogs, appearance means nothing -it’s all in the smell.  I’m not suggesting that humans substitute the handshake with a butt sniff, but what if we based our first impression less on visual appearance and more on what is not visible to the eye?

Secondly, dogs are really good at letting you know how they feel.  When you do something that makes them happy, their tail can wag nearly 10 times per second (okay, I made this number up, but it sounds about right).  How many times do we let each other know when they’ve made us happy?  Would it make it so much easier for us if they knew?  Next time someone does something right, tell them about it and I can assure you they will want to do it again.

Finally, dogs are loyal.  No matter how badly they may be treated or ignored, they still want your love and give you theirs.  They give you their love whether you filled their dish with fresh water, whether you had a bad day at work, and even when you don’t feel like loving them back.  It’s love 24/7.

Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world would love like dogs?

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