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The Tightwad Amnesiac

August 2, 2009

As I’m waiting for my cheese sandwich to grill, I want to bring your attention to a common tightwad disorder that afflicts the stingiest among us – a memory lapse that causes us to buy unnecessarily, waste, or otherwise stray from a pure tightwad lifestyle.  It happened to me yesterday when I picked up a book for my son at a yard sale, just to realize later that he had already read it (another fifty cents down the drain).

Here are some other forgetful faux pas:

  1. Probably the most common.  We buy something at the store (perishable, of course) just to find out we already have it.  During one persistent amnesia spell, I had 3 containers of sour cream in the refrigerator, and we don’t even use it much!
  2. In the “out of sight, out of mind” category, overlooking the leftovers, allowing them to spoil and go uneaten.
  3. Pulling into the supermarket to realize the reusable grocery bags are in the other car or the coupons are at home.
  4. Losing track of the one day to use the 50% off coupon at my favorite store, AC Moore (fortunately, there is one every few weeks).
  5. Forgetting to mail the rebate form before its deadline and, along the same lines, forgetting due dates and missing the early discount or getting hit with a late fee or interest.
  6. Forgetting the laundry in the washer and having to rewash it to get the mildewy odor out. What’s worse is remembering the spoiled load after someone (usually one with a Y chromosome) had already put it into the dryer, which also happened to be the only load that year that he also folded and put away. 

Now, what’s that burning smell?

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