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Nice is the New Currency

July 28, 2009

Has anyone else noticed that as unemployment, foreclosures, business closings go up, people seem to be nicer?   “Thank yous,” you’re welcomes,” extended courtesies -it’s like niceness is the new currency, which is convenient considering we are presently a bit short on the real stuff.  I guess when there is nothing left to give from the wallet, people dig a little deeper into their soul.

This isn’t the first time niceness replaced hard cash.  During the Depression, when money was essentially non-existent, niceness was in ample supply as neighbors would lend their equipment and share their labor and food.  No one owned all the tools they needed, but collectively, the neighborhood was fully equipped.  No one needed to buy what their neighbor already owned.

Like every currency, niceness even has an exchange rate.  It’s called Corporate Reputation – companies know good deeds, as well as bad, directly impact the size of the bottom line.  Smart companies know that when there are less dollars to spend, earning good will through good deeds can make up the balance.

They say every cloud has a silver lining so if niceness is the silver lining of this recession, I can weather the storm.

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