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Making the Most Out of Marketing Communications

June 22, 2009

In this day and age, when businesses are not just cutting costs, but they’re using machetes to do it, it’s more important than ever to get double duty out of every dollar spent.   Here are some tips that get the most of out your marketing dollar while strengthening other areas of your communications.

  1. Put those panels and posters to work long after the trade show is over.  Use them around the office and manufacturing area so employees can connect with the front end of the business.  They’ll feel more a part of the team.
  2. Make sure that press releases and advertisements make their way to the office and shop floor.  This will help employees understand your key messages and market engagement.
  3. Share with employees media clips that the company receives.  These can serve as great proof points for your business strategy.
  4. Include local media on your distribution list when sending out announcements about product launches, executive appointments, new clients or contracts.  Communities that know you will support you.
  5. Reuse your trade show or conference booth displays at local or regional business or job expos to help educate your local stakeholders about your business and industry.
  6. Reach out to local schools.  Host a site tour for local teachers and/or students, participate in career days, and talk with them about ways you can support them in the classroom.  Customers like doing business with responsible corporate citizens.  Also, industry and trade press look for “good news” stories about companies in their communities. 

Leveraging your spend on marketing communications is not only an inexpensive investment you can afford to make, but it may just spare your budget a big hit.

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