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10 Life Lessons from the US Open

June 21, 2009

The drone of the US Open coverage on TV is revealing some interesting lessons that even a duffer can take away:

  • Just because it rains, doesn’t mean you can’t play the game.
  • People that move up the leader board do so more from their own performance than from the mistakes of others.
  • Landing in the deep rough is frustrating, but examining all available options will present at least one that gets the ball back on course.
  • The very best can struggle, but they remain the best because they never give up and, most importantly, they never give up the vision of winning.
  • If things get really bad you can take a drop.  It’s a set back, but there will be opportunities to make it up later.
  • Caddies can give very valuable advice and support when it is most needed, but the ultimate decision and responsibility is yours.
  • Walking in someone else’s line is rude and amateurish.
  • Pay attention to the rules.
  • The shortest strokes are just as important as the long ones.
  • Patience and playing smart can overcome the breaking points.
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