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Priceless at Less Price

June 19, 2009

Sometime between batting down cobwebs and wiping off fingerprints the other day, I was reminded of the pricelessness – both figuratively and literally – of some Special Things decorating my home.  As a public service to decorators on a dime, I will share with you some ways I have spruced up my walls at little or no cost:

  1. Framed my daughter’s first grade watercolor of the Tooth Fairy, which won a state art award 16 years ago.  It’s colorful, original, and depicts the sweetest tooth fairy I could ever imagine, complete with cleavage!
  2. Framed antique month postcards for July (husband’s birthday), January (my birthday,) and August (our anniversary).  I mounted them on linen backing (cut from old pair of slacks) and framed them with a mish mash of 8 by 10 frames I painted the same matte black. You can find these postcards at antique stores for under a buck.
  3. Hung a homemade golf ball holder filled with corporate logo balls that my husband found in the woods while looking for his.
  4. Framed the front-page story of my 1996 school board election victory.
  5. Displayed my collection of campaign buttons in a shadow box frame with a hinged glass lid (okay, I did buy the frame for $5 at the Christmas Tree Shop)
  6. Tied a bunch of eucalyptus branches with a ribbon and hung over a doorway.
  7. Glued pretty leftover foreign coins onto a cardboard backing and framed.
  8. Using a larger version of shadow box in #5, stuck old hat pins and hung my delicate chain necklaces.
  9. Framed a special poem given to me years ago that describes Nature’s woodland decomposition.  It’s beautiful in its scientific explanation.
  10. Hung up my children’s school artwork (30 years worth!) down the basement stairway and into the basement.  I bet the garage walls would work, too!
  11. Pinned straw hand fans to the wall.  These are the same straw fans that I had pinned in my first college apartment 32 years ago.  They still look great!

The nice thing about all these things is that they are unique – not something found in a catalog or mass-produced.  They are visual reminders of special people, places and times – isn’t that what home is all about?

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