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Ironic Biotic

June 4, 2009

I am amazed by this breathtakingly beautiful (in a unique way) Ladyslipper that I found in the woods.  It grows among rotting leaves, trees, and brush with not a lot of sunshine filtering through. I’ve watched it over the years, hoping it would reproduce, but there’s only one other, bloomless offspring.

On the other hand, I’m waging arm-to-arm combat on violets that have turned into a full yard assault on my backyard gardens.  From the 10 plants I ignorantly plopped in the ground a few years ago, I have a gazillion growing everywhere.  I haven’t resorted to the gardener’s version of chemical warfare, but my patience is trying.  If only their reproduction gene could be spliced into the Ladyslipper…


Ironic bionics are everywhere.  Look at botulism.  Instant killer, but just a little dab will do ya if you’re looking for the mirror of youth.  E coli, commonly known as eschericea coli, is vital to our digestive system, but keep it alive in a Big Mac and you will be sick, sick, sick.  Aren’t they all going to the stomach anyway?

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  1. September 2, 2009 1:58 pm

    Couldn’t agree more on the wild violets. They’ve positively taken over my garden! Like you I thought I would be kind and let a few fill unused space. What a mistake!! And, like grass, they only seem to grow really well where you don’t want them!!! Thanks for the post!

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