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Time for the Win/Win

June 3, 2009
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There is an issue brewing/boiling in town about whether or not the Town should continue to subsidize the Merrimack Youth Association.  The MYA has declared a war of sorts…organizing protest e-mail campaigns and a calling of arms to all parents of participants to pressure the Councilors to renounce this idea.  The Town Council initially kept their intentions to cut funding under wraps, but once the cat got out of the bag, it was a full grown lion.

There are two sides arguing this issue, but I can’t help but think that if everyone puts on their creative hats and behaves like we want our children to, we can come of this as one side with a win/win for all.  Isn’t that what the MYA is all about?

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  1. Tom Koenig permalink
    June 7, 2009 4:50 pm

    There are two sides to this discussion, if not more. We can reach a win-win out of this but it does take an effort on both sides. It is extremely difficult to negotiate anything when you have a lot of people on both sides and to include 7 councilors on one side and 250-300 people on the other is not the way to make forward progress. The upcoming public forum is a great way for folks to have a chance to express an opinion but is not a way to negotiate and move forward.

    The recent article in the Nashua Telegraph does make is seem that there is a war going on but it is one sided from my perspective. As a Town Councilor, I don’t see us doing any thing other than our jobs, which as you know from your experience on the School Board, is not just one topic at a time.

  2. rungster permalink*
    June 7, 2009 6:10 pm

    I agree, Tom. There has to be good faith conversation on the issue before the political tactics become employed. To me, that should be the last resort as it clouds the complexities of the discussion.
    Another point which I haven’t seen presented yet, is that the MYA is limited in its offering to children. What about those children who have no interest in sports? Shouldn’t the town care about them, too? We have a wonderful organization in MYACT, but to my knowledge, it does not receive town funding. Do you know?

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